Very slow tracking behavior on large project

I’m using Mocha AE 4.0.2.


I’m trying to roto on a very long shot. 4000 frames, so it’s taking a long time to get through.

I’m getting this weird behavior though now, where when I open the project and try to continue tracking, it’s taking many multiple minutes to track one frame. This is different than the behavior it exhibited last night, where it tracked forward at about a frame a second, like expected.

Not sure what’s up, but would really hate to have to through out all the tracking data and start again, as it has already taken a half of a day to get here. Is there anything I can try to see why it seems to be hanging up?


When it’s “tracking” and taking multiple minutes a frame, Activity Monitor registers Mocha as using all the CPU and that it’s “not responding” so something is definitely off about what it’s doing. How can I sort of flush and reset things without having to toss my tracking shapes and start all over again?

Can you send me the file? No frames needed. I’d just like to see what is happening with the file.