Video dimensions not importing correctly into Mocha from After Effects

Hey there!

So I am having trouble importing my video correctly into Mocha AE, I am using Mocha AE CC Version 4.0.3 build 13094 and am trying to import a video from After Effects CC (shot using an Iphone 11) into Mocha, however when I do, the video gets cut off.

Instead of a long and slim video (9:16) as in after effects, when it imports into Mocha it switches to a widescreen view and the bottom half of my video gets cut off (cropped) and a black screen gets introduced to the right side of the video to fill in the blank spots in the larger resolution. I have tried different PAR’s and the video only resizes but with the same cut off points as before.

I am new to Mocha so I am sure this is a simple fix, please help!! Thanks again.


Hi there,

Mocha AE CC v4.0.3 is quite old. Which particular AE version are you using here?
If the footage is coming from an iPhone, the PAR should be square pixels, ie. 1.0.
While the dimensions are 9:16, the actual pixel ratio is probably 1-to-1.

We’d need to see a sample of the video in question if you’re still having trouble, but to get a better user experience, we’d recommend mobing up to a later version of After Effects that has the plugin version of Mocha AE.

Hey there Martin!

Thank you so much! I was using After Effects 2018, and indeed after upgrading my After Effects to the latest version Mocha is working great now!!

I can’t believe upgrading didn’t occur to me. Thank you so much Martin!!

Everyone, get Mocha!!