Video Import Problems

Can someone tell me what exactly I’m doing wrong? Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. open Mocha for AE CS4
  2. Create a New Project
  3. Select my clip to import & leave window choices at default (relative path, etc.)
  4. Leave all the boxes at their default on the next box - when I click next on this box, I get the error pop-up “An error has occured whilst rendering: Failed to texture image”, when I click OK it goes away and takes me to the next window.
  5. I tick “Separate fields” and choose the appropriate field and FPS for my video then click “Finish”

I get no video when I do all this. Nothing shows up in my Mocha window. I’ve done this with a large AVI, small AVI, and an MOV all with the same results. Sometimes I get the error and sometimes I don’t…but I never get anything showing up in my Mocha video window. I’ve chosen different number of frames in the wizard selection process while opening the New Project all to no avail.

I’m working with Adobe Master Collection CS4 on Windows XP. My primary video is raw AVI exported directly from Adobe Premiere Pro.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for the help.