Video not following the tracking of Mocha after copying the effect in it

Hi everyone, I followed the mocha pro tutorial, I did the mesh tracking, then I copied the mocha pro effect on the image I want to be on the surface I tracked. Like the tutorial said. And finally, it’s supposed to follow the surface and you guess it … It didn’t.

I’m quite a beginner with Mocha and after effects that’s why I shot again, try many different times but with no sucess… Here is a picture of what I have at the end.

If you have an answer or just some clues feel free.

It’s your footage. Both your footage and your tattoo clip go off the timeline. You need to pre-comp both, move all attributes into the new composition, and make sure the timeline is trimmed to the comp when you do (a checkbox). We are working on a solution to get around this, but for now, if you’re seeing any misalignment of keyframes it is usually due to the need to precomp the clip.

Please try that and let me know.

Hi Mary,
I’m really thankfull for your answer, but it didn’t work. I precomped everything checked de box but with no success. Maybe I did a mistake somewhere.

Hi there,

You pre-comped them together. You need to precomp them separately. We want to envelope both the footage and the clip that you’re inserting separately so that they start on the same exact frame.

Now I precomped each one individually,

It’s still not following the arm. To give you more details, maybe this’ll help :

Here is what I’ve done after copying the mocha effect on the tatoo :

I’m really sorry to ask all of this. but I feel that I just missed one little thing.

Hi there,

You will probably have to retrack the area as the old Mocha Pro plugin instance is for a different length setup.

Hi mary,

I’m really happy to say that it finally works. I’m really thankfull for all of this !

So basically to sum up for everyone who is reading this topic, we should in order :
→ precomp the surface and the tatoo each other individually and make sure the timeline is trimmed to the comp when you do (a checkbox)
→ on the precomp, track the data of your surface;
→ then copying on the tatoo with the classic settings.

Really thank you for your patience !

Happy to help. I am glad you are all set!