Viewer going black

I got a new, weird problem: I can load a clip into Silhouette and I can first see it in the viewer and play it. BUT: as soon as I touch the mouse wheel or change the scaling in the drop-down menu, the viewer goes black.

If I click ‚Fit‘ in the menu, it changes into an insane percentage, like 3648% and the picture disappears.

Going to a value like 50 or 100 doesn’t bring it back. This is happening in different formats, like EXR or TIFF.

What’s up?

P.S. Well, a complete uninstall and fresh installation helped. Wonder what that was, though.

Were you viewing the raw clip or were viewing the clip in a session?

I am not able to duplicate. Can you provide exact steps to reproduce and let me know what size image you were using?

I was viewing both clips just imported (not yet part of a project) and also in a session.
Unfortunately, I can’t give you a sequence to reproduce it, since I uninstalled Silhouette and installed it anew. Now it works with the same clips. They were in 1920 by 1080 (progressive).

Of course I’ll let you know when it happens again.

I also suffer from the same issue as you, thanks for your comment

Press the F shortcut key to fit the image in the Viewer. If you still don’t see an image, cycle the A shortcut key to cycle the alpha.

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