VP 20-139 PI renders 1/4 size when opening a project

Using Continuum 15.5.2 OFX

I have to open the PI interface and click “Apply” and then the particles are rendered full-frame.

It’s acting as though the stage/project size is is 1920x1080

comp generation.zip (847.6 KB)

Hi, can you show what it looks like in PI?

@Gid.Joiner sure

Hi, I’ve been trying this on off all night, i can’t make image small in Vegas,
Your PI project shows 3840x2160 just like your Vegas project, there’s no Track Motion keyframe on the timeline so that hasn’t been changed,
The only thing i can’t see is the Pan/Crop button on the highlighted clip on track 2?

This is a weird one. I started from scratch with the attached project and followed these steps:

  1. New project, my defaults are 1080p likely because VP reset my defaults during recent betas
  2. Drop DW text.png onto the timeline
  3. apply the PI fx
  4. Load PI
  5. Choose Logo Burst 01
  6. Set the weight and velocity to 0
  7. Preload to 25
  8. Apply
  9. Save the project

You can either reload the project or close VP and you will likely end up with the background image as expect with small particle text or the particles might end up where they belong. Most times I’ve tried to reproduce this, I get the small version. I did have one case where I went back into PI, hit apply, saved and then when I re-opened the project, things were correct.

PI size.zip (612.9 KB)

Hi, sorry just realised you’re using V20,
your .veg says nooo

but when adding the png into VP19, adding PI with Logo burst i get no particles

Composite over source video

& Composite over black

So i converted it in GIMP, i get this msg when loading into GIMP, I quite often get msgs like that so i just press Convert

This time added to VP with PI i get particles, must be that type of file PI doesn’t like

Composite over black with GIMP png

PS changing your orig file to Premultiplied let me put particles on in PI

Composite over black

I didn’t get the size issue in VP,

But saving the project as a .veg, closing Vegas, relaunch Vegas then open that .veg it’s now smaller !

I’m going to try saving & reopening with the GIMP copy…

OK I tried it with the GIMP version of your file, i don’t have to change that from Straight (Unmatted)
but saving the project as .veg, closing & opening Vegas, then reopen that .veg i get the size decrease problem …

Project size test

OK I tried your orig file in a 3840 x 2160 project, like your orig post

In PI everything looks good :+1:

Back in Vegas everything looks correct :+1:

But saving the project as .veg, closing n opening Vegas, open .veg & the image is even tinier :face_with_monocle::joy::joy:

in that .veg that’s too small reopening PI it all looks correct

PPPPS :grin: as your last comment says - after opening that small PI .veg, opening PI as in my last pic above, click Apply then back in Vegas it’s corrected itself

Can somebody verify if the PI 2023 release fixed this issue? (Does the issue still occur?)


@Alan_Lorence this still happens with PI 2023 and VP 20-214

If the VP preview size is anything other than “full” when you first load the linked projects, the particles come in at the preview size rather than being expanded to fill the frame.

[edit: meaning that if the preview is 1/2, the particles show up at half the size they should. If set at auto, one ends up getting either 1/2 or 1/4 size]

PI size.zip (612.5 KB)