VP17 crashes when clicked on any plug-in of BCC

Friends, Earlier I used VP14 Suite and I purchased VP17 Suite yesterday in which I got BORIS FX CONTINUUM 2019.5 also. But when I click on any plug-in of BCC, VP17 crashes immediately. I totally uninstalled VP17 Suite and re-installed afresh still the problem persists. Please help.
Seetha Ramaiah

One thing to check is whether there are any unexpected older plugins in the OFX plugin folder. Look in the plugin folder here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins

You should see two bundles related to Continuum. For Continuum 2019.5, one would be called BCC_OFX_3DObjects.ofx.bundle and one called BCC12_OFX.ofx.bundle. If you see any BCC bundles other than that (such as one from BCC10 or BCC11), you can manually delete the older one.

If that doesn’t help, are there any error messages that come up first, or does it just outright crash? If the Vegas crash dialog appears (called something like Vegas Problem Reporting Service), you can hold down Ctrl+Shift when clicking the “Send” button and it will point you to the ZIP file of the crash dump, which can then send to us to help us figure out where the crash is.