VR 180 stereoscopic side by side & Mocha Pro

In your website videos you claim that you only need to track/roto the “hero” view in order to create a track/roto for BOTH left and right views but I am not finding that to be the case in VR180 side by side.
Please provide step by step instructions or tutorials for VR180. Instructions on using Mocha Pro to track/roto/insert/remove in VR180 stereoscopic side by side is sorely lacking.

We recommend that you use the Google 180 converter and convert your side by side 180 footage into the 360 top/bottom format. Basic stereo roto, indeed and removes will work in this format in Mocha Pro.


Thanks Ross.

In Mocha Pro, which is the correct setting: “Top/Bottom” or “360 Top/Bottom”?