VR unit in Davinci Resolve, problems inserting a logo with alpha

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Boris VR insert in Davinci Resolve. I’ve added a screenshot in attachment.
So basically, I want to insert a logo on 360 footage. The logo has a transparant background. It automatically becomes a matte, when dragged in the color page as a node.
Next, I use the BCC VR Insert. Now all I get is a black box with the logo (transparant bg turned white).
The result I need is the logo inserted in VR, without the black box and white background. Really
tried hard to figure it out, but it’s above my knowledge. Can anyone help me out with set-by-step instructions?
Would really appreciate the help. I use the studio version of Resolve 15 on Windows.

Best regards,

Have you right clicked on the effect node and selected “Use OFX Alpha”? When an effect changes the alpha channel in a Resolve Color page node, you need to tell Resolve specifically to respect the new alpha channel. (This is true with all OFX filters that modify the alpha channel, not just VR Insert.) Does that solve it for you?

Thank you for responding. I’ve already tried “Use OFX Alpha”, but is doesn’t change a thing, unfortunately…

OK. Are you applying the VR Insert effect to the logo or to the background clip? It should be applied to the logo in Continuum 11.0.3 or higher with the background clip on a separate track underneath. Here is an excerpt from the current documentation. If this doesn’t work for you please send a screenshot of the effect control parameters.

“In Continuum 11.0.3 and higher the usage was simplified in Resolve to support the Apply to Insert workflow instead of the Apply to Background workflow. This means you no longer need to deal with Resolve’s multi-step process for making secondary layers accessible to an effect since the Apply to Insert workflow uses the host’s native compositing to blend the layers. You now apply VR Insert in the Color tab directly to the insert layer. Since the effect now generates an alpha channel and relies on Resolve to do the composite you must take the usual steps to instruct Resolve to preserve the alpha channel output by the effect. To do that you right click in the color pane and select “Add Alpha Output”, then connect the blue alpha output of the effect node to the main blue alpha output, and if necessary right click on the effect node and select “Use OFX Alpha”. Note that if the Insert layer itself has alpha (such as a logo or title with alpha), you also need to add the layer to itself as a matte layer to force Resolve to preserve the alpha input channel. Note that the Insert Layer menu and the Apply Mode menu will be grayed out in VR Insert since they are automatically set to the right values for this workflow in Resolve.”

Dear jclement, Thank you for answering. I followed the documentation and added the effect directly to the logo
(the background clip is underneath the logo). I did all the steps on the color page (image attached). But when I change the VR Insert parameters (latitude, longitude, distance, etc) nothing happens. The logo should also become a little skewed (adapting to the 360° setting). This doesn’t happen either. Do you still have any suggestions? If you like I’ll send you over the clips. FYI: the logo is a PNG file with a transparent background. Best regards, Gunther

I wonder if Resolve host changes have modified the default behavior again in this effect. It has undergone host side changes in the past. Can you specify the version of Resolve you’re using and the version of Continuum. (To find the Continuum version you can hit the License button at the top of the effect.)

Try this:
-With the setup in your last screenshot, change the Insert Layer menu (in the Source group) to Source A.
-Then in the Insert group change the Insert Apply Mode to Replace.

Dear jclement,

Those last 2 steps did the trick! Everything works great now. No way I could have figured this out myself. Thank you very very much for your kind help. Really made my day :slight_smile:

Excellent! To better help me understand your setup and when this is necessary, what version of Resolve are you running?

Sure, Resolve Studio runs on version
Boris VR plug-in (OFX) is version (purchased this week :slight_smile: