VR Unit with Continuum


Hi everybody,

we are evaluating a purchase of VR Unit or Continuum 11. When purchasing Continuum 11 is the VR Unit included or do we have to buy this unit additional?
Unfortunately we are not sure about this…

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The VR unit is indeed included with a full Continuum purchase. You can no longer purchase Continuum 11 - it has been superseded by a new version of the product, Continuum 2019.




Thanks Peter!

Yeah, sorry, I mixed it up… Of course it is Continuum2019.




Sorry Peter,

one more question just to get things clear…
Does Continuum VR Unit work without the complete Continuum2019 package?


No worries Sönke and you’re most welcome. If you are ever in doubt about the filters that are included with a version of any products that we make, you can always download the software and run it in watermarked non-licensed mode.




Absolutely Sönke - you can purchase only the VR Unit if that’s all that you need. And you can always add to this at a later date should your needs change - the great thing about all this is that the money that you spend on any Unit is subtracted from the cost of the full product should you ever wish to upgrade to the full Continuum set.