Wacom Pen Eraser?

Just upgraded from an Intuos to an Intuos pro and now have a Wacom pen with an actual eraser. Was wondering if it’s possible to configure the eraser to, um, erase! Like switch to the erase tool and erase strokes when I invert the pen.

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I am not really sure what is going on. On my Windows machine using Photoshop or Silhouette, the eraser on both of my Wacom tablets doesn’t work and they also don’t have pressure sensitivity.

Hello! Is there any update on this? Right now, I don’t have any pressure sensitivity in Silhouette. It would be really great to get that back. Is this a known issue in Windows and is there any idea on a resolution?

Pressure sensitivity is working with the pen and eraser for me in Silhouette 2022.5.5 using the most recent drivers.

Thanks for the quick response Marco. I’ve updated both the Silhouette App and my Wacom drivers and the pressure sensitivity is here! Quick clarification - is there an option at all for the pen input to actually change the tapering/size of the brush in Silhouette? Or is it simply and only the opacity? I ask because the changing brush size really makes a big difference in getting a natural feel.


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Are you asking if the pressure sensitivity can also be applied to the brush size?

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OK, yes this is possible. I have added it as a feature request. Thanks!

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Great, thank you!

Confirming that both pen pressure and eraser is working on my Xencelabs Pen Tablet Bundle out of the box. Even configured the wheel on the Quick Keys to scrub trough the frames and it’s awesome!

And yeah - would like to have the option to select if the pressure affects brush size, brush opacity, or both - just like in the Photoshop