Wacom with Silhouette?

I bought silhouette for digital dust-busting and general fix it work. The dust-busting is going to be very time consuming so think I may want to invest in a wacom tablet to speed up the work but have no experience with a tablet and VFX applications. Is anyone using this setup currently? Any feedback would be appreciated. For example, have you found it useful to have the pro features that are designed for illustrators? The Intuos (non pro) has four shortcut buttons on the tablet plus the two pen buttons that can be assigned to shortcuts. I’m wondering if that’s enough for digital dust-busting workflow.

@bnaleid I currently use an older Intuos tablets 3 6x8 tablet and I am very happy with it for occasional roto and paint work. When I used to do visual effects for a living, I used a 12x16 Wacom and appreciated the extra size and resolution it provided. Using the larger tablet for hours on end was very comfortable. I have not really used the buttons on the tablet, but I am sure many artists do. Aside from the tablet, I found it useful to have different clone brush setups saved for last frame with no offset, next frame with no offset and current frame with a slight offset. Then with your one hand you can use Alt-0-9 to switch between the saved clone setups and paint with your other hand.

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I have a 4x6 tablet and I love it, I can reach my entire dual display without moving my hand around like you must do with a bigger tablet.

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@david2 Thanks for the review. Is yours a pro model. If so, do you find that you need the extra shortcut buttons?

@marco Awesome. I was predicting that, for dustbusting, I’d need shortcuts to zoom and advance to the next frame, as well as repositioning the clone source, or possibly activating the color chooser.
I’ll have to look into the manual for more information on the clone brush setups. Thanks for the advice.

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I have the Star G640 digital tablet which I think is the least expensive XP-Pen and I was just drawing circles and ovals with it and they come up as cut lines so I would say you can. the stylus acts like a mouse. I use it a lot in digi scrapping and I know of a digi scrapper who was having trouble with her wrist and to prevent carpal tunnel she used the stylus all the time as a mouse. I use it for extractions in PSE. Hope that helps.

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Silhouette has only be tested with Wacom tablets. I can only suggest making sure you are using the newest driver for your tablet and we will have to do more investigation into your tablet make/model.


I ended up going with the Wacom pro model. It works well and the buttons are handy for zoom functions, navigation and other shortcuts that make the cloning operation a speedy process.