Want to reduce the keyframes


I did mesh track and exported a spline to silhouette with keyframe in the first frame and last frame, but when I imported in Silhouette I can find a lot of in-between keyframes. Please do suggest a way to bake the shapes, so that I can take the shape back to silhouette with at least the same number of keyframes in Mocha


We will log this as a feature request with @martinb

Thank you,


are there any improvements for this query, in the newer versions of Silhouette and Mochapro?

We have a lot of feature requests, I am not sure if we have hit this one yet or if we will be able to at all. Let me ask @martinb

We’ve updated shape keyframing in the next version that separates the keyframe data from the tracking data. Hopefully this will help.
In terms of mesh-assisted splines however, they will need to remain baked as we currently can’t separate the mesh tracking out unless the containing host has support for it.