Warning: Paint change state is not zero

I’m getting this error using the paint node. If I copy actions forwards it literally appears every frame and will not continue until I press enter or click it. Any dragging on the timeline also triggers the error.

A restart of the application fixed the issue.

@mattstompkins32_b3df We are aware of this issue, but have been able to reproduce it. As you have discovered, a restart of Silhouette solves the issue. If you are able to provide a set of steps that relaibly reproduces the problem, please post here.

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We are facing the same issue - even with the latest version (v2022).

Can you provide a set of steps that reliably reproduces the problem?

Hi Marco,
It’s resolved now.
BTW the error can be reproduced through the following steps:
#While matching (in paint node) the previous or next frame user clicks the Right+Mouse button.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by matching in the Paint node? Are you using the Clone brush offset to a different frame and then right-clicking? Are you right-cling with a mouse or pen? Are you right-clicking in the Viewer? Also, what OS/version are you running?