Warp Confusion

I’m really confused about the warp tool. In order to see the effect of my adjustments with the mesh, I have to be in the input view but then when I hit render, it switches to the Insert:composite view and the insert positioning has changed. Why would the positioning of the insert image be different on the input layer be compared with the insert composite layer anyways. That makes no sense to my brain. I thought maybe the keyframes on the insert composite layer were causing it so I deleted all of them but no change. Sooooo frustrated!

Out of curiosity I wanted to try the Warper from BCC in Resolve too, to check if I can reproduce the problem.

But it seems that this tool is not usable in Resolve, since it doesn’t allow the needed GUI over the viewer.
Is this correct?

From what I’ve been told, there is some kind of limitation with Resolve that makes the plugin unusable. I wanted to use it with Resolve too so that’s a disappointment.

Well, Resolve has a pretty good warp tool as well now, so it’s not a big problem. Not having overlay controls is a problem with some other effects too, but I’m afraid that BorisFX can’t do anything about it. It is a limitation from the host, I heard of something similar in Vegas Pro.

Hi, bnaleid, can you send along a project file or screen shots showing the setup? The controls you describe do not sound like the Continuum Warp filter. Are you using BCC Warp or a different warping filter?

As for the rest of the thread, the reason BCC Warp, Morph, and Video Morph are only supported in AE at this time is that they rely on the AE host masking controls to draw the splines that represent the Warp From / Warp To geometries. AE is the only host which gives plugins access to host spline path data in this way.

Hi jclement,

I’ll see what I can get for you to look at. I’ve put down that project until I can get a higher priority one finished. I think, possibly my problem was due to a bad track. I think I started over on that particular clip. Just yesterday, I noticed that on shots where the track is difficult at best, I can delete some key frames on the tracking row of the dope sheet and it smooths out the results. So, possibly, it was the tracking data and not the warp. The warp seems to work in my Avid plugin but I’m not using the matte because it’s more of an animation technique where I don’t need to color inside the lines. It’s actually necessary to have the insert cover up the entire live action subject.

This sounds more like you’re using mocha Pro than Continuum’s Warp filter, is that true? What exact filter are you using? This thread is in the Continuum 11 forum category, but perhaps this question should be posted in the mocha category instead?

Yes it is Mocha. My bad. If it comes up again, I’ll post in the other forum. Thanks for the heads up!