Warp mesh control point selection

Is it possible to select more than one control point in the Insert-Warp mesh?

Yes, use the selection tool and either lasso select or click and drag a marquee selection.

Thanks, I can select multiple points, but when I try to drag them, they are either deactivated or I still can only select and drag one point. With the pints selected how do I drag them together?

Odd, are you on an older beta build or on the current released version?

Hi, I am have the same issue with the 2019 and 2020 version. I left-click and drag select the points and they become activated (red dots). Then I left-click and drag one of the points and all the other points become unselected, so I can only drag one.

Hi, I am sorry, that’s correct. You can only move one insert mesh point at a time and I mixed this up with PowerMesh, I will ask @martinb to make a user request for multiple mesh point selection in the insert module mesh warp.