Warp/Motion Track needs to be tightened in Mocha

Hey! I’m extremely new but have gotten some incredible help from Neal. He suggested I post here with further questions. I’ve got the basics figured out of tracking, but the mesh and the frame I have for the element on top of my layer is slipping pretty badly - I am trying to figure out how/what to adjust in each keyframe so my new image stayes properly inside the mesh/frame?

Hey there,
If you are tracking Mesh in Mocha Pro this should be posted in the Mocha Pro forum:

It is quite difficult to make comments without seeing the shot. Generally, in Mocha the suggested strategy is to refine your track settings and search shape before going down the route of adjusting keyframes.

If you would like to share a link to your clip and perhaps some screen grabs of how your Mocha project is set up, we can try to help more.


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Hi - I’m extremely new to BORIS/MOCHA - is this how I respond to you?


What I’m not able to seem to do is clean up the mask. I believe I am just supposed to use that black arrow to do so, but nothing seems to be working. I am now in classic view - wasn’t before - but not understanding how to move the points

Hello @itsme
It the end of my workday (here on the east coast). I will move this thread to the Mocha Pro forum, where you might find some available users to jump in and answer your questions. Otherwise, I am sure someone from the team will get back to you.

If you are extremely new to Mocha, I would recommend watching some tutorials before doing anything. This series is a bit older, but still totally relevant to learning the basics from scratch.


I understand. Thanks for moving it to the right place.