Warped Corner Pin Issues . Mocha - AE

Hi everybody,
I’m now working with a curved corner pin and I decide to use Insert module/Warp.
But i’ve something to ask:
1 - There is a way to reset the warp setting? Because if you are not satisfied, you could to start again…
2 - I made 2 different curved corner pin and they were great in Mocha, but when I imported them in AE… I received strange results:

Of course, I followed the suggested procedure for Corner Pin in AE:
In AE, precomp Logo image and resize to comp resolution,
in Mocha, Export Tracking data for After Effect Corner pin (corner pin only, supports RG Warp and Mocha import) with “Remove lens distortion” selected.
what happen? Help please!
Many thanks

Sorry for link address, but there are still many problems to post images.

Hi there!

Yes, you can delete warp keys in the Dope Sheet, it will be under the layer you are using and under the warp tool, you will want to delete the keys that you don’t want to use. That should fix your problem.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


Hi Mary
Okay, now I found the Dope sheet TAB. I’m still trying to understand how manage it. But anyway, it was most important an answer , above all, what about the second question?
Have you see the images? What could be happened?

Many thanks for a reply!

Oh, sorry. You can’ export the grid warp, you can only render them in the insert tool.

As for the dopesheet, it is on the left hand of the window in mocha. Right under the clip tab on the left.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I am happy to help.

Okay Mary,
but what do you mean for: “… you can only render them in the insert tool”?
Sorry, but I have never done a render in mocha… sorry.

No problem, in the middle of the interface, the same buttons you use to track in mocha are instead used for rendering in the insert module, lens module, and the remove module. You need to render the frames in order to export them, you can not export curved corner pin data, that’s not the way corner pins work. Nor can we export the grid data, it’s only able to be a rasterized render.

Ah, okay,
now I understand but I still have problems…

If I render than I’ve to export ONLY as a new Sequence which includes the video and the corner pin fused together… and you can not adjust this corner pin in compositing, as Blur Edge, repositioning, motion blur, color matching an so on… what we need is a separate corner pin from background clip.

There is no way to export only the Logo sequence with alpha channel instead the entire Sequence and Logo? It would be great for compositing issues…

Many thanks for a reply!

If you look in your results folder, you should see a layer file with your RGB and A all sorted in it. Or you can go to file>export rendered clip and render them out in a specific format. Can you try that and let me know your results?


Hi Mary,
sorry, sorry again… but I didn’t understand what is “result folder”(???)
When I made a warped corner pin, I render it in Insert tab. At the end of rendering process, if I go to File/export rendered clip, I see this panel, where Alpha in disabled… even if I select a format with alpha channel:

So, what is wrong?
Many thanks for you help!

When you render in mocha, renders are temporary cached image files in your Results Folder. If you close mocha and un-check “retain cached renders” on exit, mocha will delete all the temp files. Usually the results folder defaults to where your footage is, in a folder named "Results," unless you've selected absolute path in your mocha preferences, and then it will be a folder named whatever you have specified as your absolute path.

We recommend that you export your rendered results to another output folder with File>Export Rendered Clip for proper backup, but the renders are cached in the results folder as you render.

Okay, Mary,thx,

But for me very important is how to render warped corner pin with Alpha channel!


That is how, you should just be able to pull it out of the results folder when you hit render.

Okay Mary,
checking better the folder (Absolute) where Mocha save rendering, I finally saw what I need! Here there are 2 different sequences:
Layer (with ONLY warped CP and alpha channel) and Composite (with warped CP on the video plate).
Really many, many thanks!

The only thing I’d like to say it about resetting warp tool.
In the Dope Sheet tab there is no way to compress the time line and is very hard to dale the entire keyframes track. Another thing is select a point in the Warp grid and see it in the Dope Sheet and viceversa. In fact, if you select a kayframe , you have no idea what the grid points refers…
And in any case, there should be a simple command to reset the Warp tool.
Last, but not least, when you made the render, the Warped corner pin remains “stuck” in all layers of the Layer Controls panel, and if you want to try to make a new corner pin (better that the old one…) you can duplicate the layer and create a new grid (Warp tool) but you Still see the old warped corner pin and there is no way to remove it! There fore haow can you set up a new grid if you can see the clear plate?
Naturally, if I said something wrong (and it is strongly possible…) tell me it!


We have a few feature requests on the warp tool, and can add your suggestions to the list. Thank you for letting us know.

But, if you want to turn off the insert on an old layer, simply set the insert clip to “none” instead of leaving it on that layer. That way you’ll be able to use the new layer. Also make sure your viewport is looking at the original clip and not the rendered clip, you can use the dropdown menu in the top left of the viewer to change views.

Hi Mary, many thanks!
About:" But, if you want to turn off the insert on an old layer, simply set the insert clip to “none” instead of leaving it on that layer."
I tried it but it doesn’t work:

What is wrong?

Thanks again.

You’re still viewing the curved rendered clip in the viewer. Just use the view dropbox to get back to your original clip, not your rendered clip.

Hi Mary,
I tried with all visual possibility… the grid remains still stuck on the layer:

Oh, you meant the mesh warp. In the insert tab, see where it says “show mesh”? Just uncheck that box.

But to redo the layer mesh in the first place, you are going to have to use a new layer and link the track to that layer.

Have you taken the time to go over “The Fundamentals of mocha”? It’s worth the time, and it will get you more familiar with the interface in an easier way.


Okay Mary,
my first question was:
1 – There is a way to reset the warp setting?
The answer was simply: duplicate your (rendered layer) and build a new warped grind from scratch. (You don’t need to link again you layer to old track).
If I’m not wrong…

Many thanks for your reply!