Watching Dr Who after owning Boris stuff for a little while now :)

Hi, no question here really, just thought i’d say still loving Continuum & Mocha Pro :+1::grin:
but watching programs like Dr Who i keep pausing n rewinding just to see if i can work out how the effects are done, i’ve used a video program for 16yrs or more so understanding a bit about masking, green screens etc. but after buying these Boris products i can see & understand a little more of what i see on tv,
I’m a joiner & sometimes can’t appreciate something built for simply for what it is, i have to dissect & analyse it a bit, you folks who do this editing effects stuff for a living must pull your hair out sometimes watching films n programs,
Like in this pic, the ripple pool effect is simple but the actors in front could be green screened or roto’d out :thinking::face_with_monocle::grinning:, sometimes ignorance is bliss :joy::joy::+1:

When i used the ripple effect in a short clip a few yrs ago i had to stand behind so i was in the layer/track behind/below, the window ripple layer/track masked on top

I could now if i wanted have my hand in front of the ripple, i knew watching your vids i’d be able to do this before buying Mocha n Continuum but it still pleases me, just thought i’d share :+1::grin:
Thanks, :blush: