Weird Artefacts When Using Remove

Hello! I am very new to Mocha Pro and need to trouble shoot this issue as soon as possible. Whenever I use the remove feature, weird artefacts show up and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’ve been fooling around with all the settings in the remove tab but no dice.

Here’s what it looks like: Weird Artefact In Mocha Pro - YouTube

Also some other tips would be helpful: How to I make the woman’s reflection in the door more believable? I think the footage passes as it isn’t the focus, but I would like to touch it up.

Also, I need to remove multiple elements to a graphic, is it best to do it all with on motion track or should I remove it one element at a time (top text, graphic 1, graphic 2, etc.) I wanted to experiments since with other footage I’ve been working on tracking the whole poster gave me weird results, so I opted to track the poster one element at a time. Not sure if it’s helping though…

I’d have to see the original and your setup to make an informed guess. I assume you are removing a microphone wire of some kind?

Because you have a high blur in the reflection it can be tricky to get a result. Are you using a clean plate to paint out the (assumed) wire, or are you relying solely on the background motion?

Thank you for the reply! I am actually not removing a microphone, but rather some logos on the graphic in the background. I am indeed using clean plates in order to get rid of it, and based of the tutorials I’ve watched I have also tracked stuff in the foreground.

Yeah, that is quite tricky due to the overlaid shadows in the reflection. Is the person in the foreground moving much, and is there camera movement?

Removing reflections is really tricky because basically you’re doing a remove for one part and an insert for the reflection back on top with a lot of roto to hide any edges.

What I’d probably do is a series of patches instead of removes.

You want a patch for the inside of the store. You want a patch for the reflection. And then you want a bunch of roto around the lady where she crosses the area that you patched. And around any signage.

I came back to this with fresher, morning eyes.

I would straight up either vertical blur that blurry text to remove it (super cheating), or I would try a content aware fill on it using our roto and AE’s content aware fill, because it might just pull the color in from the edges and cover it up. Composite that back in with lots of feathering. But those bottom elements are going to be r o u g h. You’re going to have to roto her reflection and treat it like a shadow you composite back over. This is where the darken blending mode comes in handy. In fact, you might get away with a series of shapes with the darken blending mode to cover the graphic, blur liberally, and then use darken again to get her shoulder back over the top. Mocha will help you with the tracks and roto for this, but you’re looking at a lot of compositing.