Weird artifact at beginning of remove

I’m trying to do a wire remove and getting an artifact I don’t understand for the first 9 frames at the beginning of the shot.

Here’s what I’m trying to remove:

Here’s what the artifact looks like:

This is a drone hovering against a background of trees. The camera is following the drone and the background is blurred and moving from wind and cameras movement.

Most of the remove looks great and looks like this:

I tracked the wire (red spline) and the texture of the leaves (yellow spline) in the background plane behind the drone. The tracks are rock solid and check out with the surface. The background (blue spline) is a spline linked to the background track.

Most of the remove is fine, but the first 9 frames has this artifact. ItThe artifact also begins appearing in a couple other placesof the shot, but it never gets this bad. I’ve tried using different background tracks but nothing works for these first 9 frames. What am I missing here? Any advice much appreciated.


My first guess would be there isn’t enough tracked background information to fill the first 9 frames, as in there isn’t that part of the background available anywhere in the shot.
You may need to paint out one clean plate to help it along.

Also I recommend turning on Autostep and using blend to blend out any stepping in the remove area.

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