Were Emitter Lines Removed?

I recall being able to easily draw lines where we want the emitter to work and we could quickly change the shape of it, but I am not seeing this option in the BorisFX version. Every emitter I try only appears as a box. Did that feature get moved or removed? Is there a new way to draw the sames of where we want emitters to work? Maybe it depended on the type of emitter. If anyone can point out to me where there lived in PI now I would appreciate it. Until then will just continue tinkering around looking for it.

Hi, at the top of the controls there’s options to change it from a box to other shapes, you need to have the 1st (2nd) node below the preview window selected/highlighted to show these options.

You want to switch the emitter type to “Line”. Then you can alt/option-click on the last point to enter “add more points mode”.

Or you can alt/option-click on a line segment (not a point) to add a single new point.

Thank you. Sorry I forgot to say this earlier.