What about the Silhouette + Mocha Pro bundle

Before I always was using Mocha AE and now, I almost finished the trail from Mocha Pro. I like the options in Pro but in between I saw also a lot of information about Silhouette.

I’m planning to try the trail of Silhouette if possible, to see if it has added value. They have a bundle of Silhouette + Mocha Pro and I only need for Adobe After Effects, so I think Silhouette + Mocha Pro plugin for Adobe is a good option.

I use Mocha AE now mostly for tracking, but I want to remove and add parts of the video and from what I saw Silhouette might be a good helper for me.

I’m just an individual who make small vfx video clips using After Effects and Premiere but it has to look good. I don’t have a large budget, but the bundle seems to be a good price compared to only Mocha Pro considering the extra options.

My question: Am I right?

I’m biased, but I think the MPro + SPaint bundle for Adobe is a great value. Both softwares have standalone versions that have been used on feature films for many years.

Both plugins are super versatile and can be used to speed up removes, stabilize, inserts, stabilization etc.

Depending on the shot, some are more appropriate for Silhouette and some will be faster in Mocha. HTH.