What am I doing wrong?

I’m using Mocha Pro inside AE. Trying to put logo and phone number on the side of a boat. I got the logo easy. Putting the phone number on the bow was a hard track because the reflection of the water was messing up the plane. So I added a layer that tracked the window on the side of the boat thinking that was a similar perspective. Then I added another layer with an X spline where I wanted the phone number turned off track cog and linked it to the window track.

When I play, the window track is solid but the layer where I want the phone number jitters wildly. I uploaded a screen shot.

I must be doing some simple thing wrong but I’m quite new to Mocha.

Try instead tracking the top part of the side of the boat and a tiny bit of the railing to get the track, and unless the boat is turning, try turning off perspective, you might get better results. You can also turn the “% of pixels tracked” up to 100 and use adjust track to make any corrections. It sounds like the track just isn’t right for the section you are trying to track.

Thanks Mary.

The track on the window is solid. When I try to offset where I want to place the insert, the shape jitters all over the place. I tried to make another x-spline on another layer where I wanted the insert of the phone number on the bow, turned off tracking for that layer and linked it to the window track layer and it still jumps and jitters.

Why would it be jumpy if it’s linked to a layer that isn’t jumpy?



Yes, because the window isn’t moving the same, it’s probably a 30 degree difference in angle. You need to track closer to your area you need to attach text.

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