What am I doing wrong

I have this problem a lot with the remove tool. I’ve watched the tutorial with the Nike logo over and over again I just can’t get this remove to work. I’ve tried leaving the surface tool alone after adjusting it and aligning the surface tool to the entire layer (still not entirely sure that that does), linking the track of the foreground to the background. Unlinking the two tracks and tracking separately because the girl moves differently from the background. The best way I can describe what’s happening is that the cleanplate I created doesn’t move along with the track. The first frames render and look good but then the cleanplate doesn’t move with the track.

Here’s a link to all the project files:

Gonna check it out now. Get back to you shortly

Ok so when I opened the project, obviously I didn’t have the link to the tracking data so most of it was missing.

So I tracked background, linked girl to it (like you did) and then I had to reimport the clean plate. This is where I think you may have made an error.

The frame number in the clean plate is 460, your project only has frames 0-145. Since the frame number is off, I’m guessing you created the cleanplate at some other time? It matches up to frame 0 but obviously says 460 in the title so I’m guessing you did it at some other point during your project?

Either way, when you manually import the cleanplate, it will default to frame “All” in the cleanplate editor… you need to change that to the corresponding frame (in this case 0) by just typing it in where it says “All.”

That should do the trick.

Now I will say that I recommend, and your footage supports this, tracking the girl, then tracking the background separate instead of linking them. You’ll get a better remove that way since they are about 15 or 20 feet from each other in the scene. There’s not a ton of parallax because it’s a small move so it’s not super noticeable but it will give you a better remove.

Edit: If this doesn’t seem to be the case then I would try to delete the cleanplate using the editor and then reimport and manually select frame 0 and see if that solves it.

The mismatch on the cleanplate number is from when I first did the project, I used premiere’s replace with ae composition. Since the initial clip was so long, I exported only the frames used when I packaged it up to post to the forum.

That said, I still had the initial problem of the cleanplate not moving even when the frame numbers actually did match to the first frame of the project.

Still, I’ll try what you said about the cleanplate editor setting and post again.

Gotcha, well try reimporting it and manually replacing the frame number and see if that works.

I will say also (forgot to mention this) that, while I don’t think it affects the remove function, you do no need to align the surface to the entire frame like you mentioned, I believe that’s only necessary when using the insert module.

edit: I need to go back and check this. When I first got the project, I was able to replicate what you described. Now I can’t - it works for me out of the gate, so now I want to make sure I actually had the right solution.

Thanks for the reply. Changing the clean plate settings to 0 didn’t make a difference. In fact, it was already set to 0 when I opened the editor.

Apologies for not realizing that the project isn’t saved in the after effects project file… here’s the link to download the exported project:

I just started the project completely from scratch (except I just used the old cleanplate TIFF). Did everything exactly the same and now the cleanplate moves along with the track.