What are the limitations of removes?

I didn’t know where to add this topic but I guess I will just drop it in the silhouette category. So my question is can all objects/person/anything be removed with silhouette or mocha?

I have a small challenge of removing a man from a video using silhouette, but there was a woman walking behind him. in this case, is it possible to add the woman back?

Well, not really. You could try rotoscoping her walk cycle and blending the two together once the man is removed, but that’s a really tall ask to make it work, but that’s ALL hand work and no automation, and still likely would not work unless it was a once in a million shot. Better to remove both.

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ok thanks. One question. I had an argument today with a co-worker. Is it better to use a wacom tablet (or anyother one) to rotoscope? or just use your mouse?

It’s best to use the tool you’re comfortable with. A tablet is easier for me. I’ve met some feral roto artists who use roller balls. Some folks use mice because they like drawing with bricks or are used to it. I use a mouse a lot when demoing so I don’t switch up tools. But I prefer a pen.