What is a perfect surface to track?


I am going to do some shooting on the street of a green-screen board (say 2’ x 2’) that I will replace it’s contents. I saw in one of the tutorials a green screen board with white circles (black arrows inside) offset from the 4 corners. Is that considered a perfect thing to track?

I thought the more info MOCHA had to track, the better. Should I make a green screen board with a couple dozen of those white dots, rather than just 4? Wouldn’t that be better?

I appreciate any advise!


The more points you have does not necessarily give you a better track. I like to use areas of high contrast that remain in the shot for long periods of time. The black arrows in the white dots give you high contrast and a sharp edge to track to. You could easily do the same with blue x’s on green. But remember Mocha is a planar tracking based system. It is not pixel based.