What is The Support for Bundled Plugins in Vegas Pro 16

What support Do you Offer For Plugins Bundeled With Regulat PRoducts?

Can you please clarify what you mean by your question. Not quite clear on what you are asking.

Going From Vegas Pro Edit at 400 To Vegas Pro 600That Includes BCC Lights Unit To Vegas Pro Suite 800 inclueds Saphire Lighting Unit . As you Purchase Pro(Non-Edit) or Suite Each incuudes A BORISFX Unit BCC Lights As Vegas Pro And Suite Saphire Lighting . Me I Baught Vegas Pro Suite Thar Included Saphire Render Unit as part of the regular product 3D Objects Was the Special that I Upgraded out side. When I Got my down Load I got Version 10 when your comany realsed Version 11.That was with in one year of version 11 being realsed.

For Example I am a Customer Who Buys Vegas 16 Pro Suite as part of the Price it includes Saphire Lighting
unit. Not as any Buy Vegas Pro 16 and get BorisFX BCC Lights Key And Blend free.

As you Look at the Picture You See The Different Versions Here Is the Link :Vegas Pro Compairison And Price

When I Purchased Mine ,mine Had Saphire Render Unit V10 Included as Part of Vegas Pro 15 Suite.At the Some Time you Had Verions 11 out.The Installer Failed to Deactive Render Unit When uninstalled.Thus no was to deactivate in version 10 ,so it left on my computer the licence still activated and I had to call support to deactivate on you end.There is record over there mf me calling to deactivte the unit.

To fix the the problem I had to Upgrade to Version11 and pay Upgrade fee to fix the Problem.That Should have fixed before for free.

If you have discussed the issue directly with the Support team then I’m sure they gave you detailed and correct information. If you have additional questions about upgrade policies for units bundled with hosts, please contact the Support or Sales teams.

There are Lots of people who buy Vegas Pro. 3D Objects And And Key And Blend came as a limited time offer .BCC Lights (Vegas Pro) And Saphire Lighting unit (Vegas Pro Suite) So if you buy Vegas Pro you have also paig for BCC Lights unit and if you purchase Vegas Pro Suite you have paid for Saphire Lighting unit as well. Note That Vegas Pro Edit does not come with either.

Like the Post of the Post for BCC installer not removing unlicensed plugins was also reproduced on you end as well and could affect others as well.

The Screen Shots Included Show Magix including Key and Blend as a Limited ofer And Regular Product including Either BCC Or Saphire Depending on the the product. Acording to Terms And Conditions
What is Excluded from the 1 year of up grades and or support.

If you need additional clarification on the policy for bundled units, please contact the Sales or Support teams directly.

They Immediately close the the case they have not answered it fully from what i understand and read from my email…