What Software to Use?

I have been given a project to research and would like some advice.

I have an .avi file of a row of 4 houses on some land. I have modeled a house in 3DS and 3D tracked the scene thru Boujou.
I need to delete a house - then replace the house with my 3DS model.

What is the best way of doing this?

I thought I could rotoscope seperate objects in the .avi file and compose them in AE- then add my 3DS file.

Hope I explained it clearly, but I was hoping to do all the object removal in Motor.

Is there a simpler way? Should I be using other software?

Any help guys?

motor is limited to roto. To do removal/clean up work, you also need the track data from either mocha AE or mocha. Imagineer also has a product that does amazing removal of objects called mokey as well.

There are lots of techniques for removing unwanted things from scenes. Most involve cloning or painting out the object to create a clean plate and then tracking that to match the camera movement.

A few tutorials to recommend:




Good luck!