What's new in Sapphire 12.01 (update)?

Where can I find the release notes for the update from 12.0 to 12.01.

Certainly some bugs fixes but in my case I still can’t use Sapphire 2019 still with this update.
I can’t play transitions or effects in real time. The timeline freezes for about 2 seconds. Only the second time playing the same part plays OK.
I didn’t have this issue with Sapphire 11. So for now I’m still forced to use version 11 even version 12 was a free upgrade (still on annual support plan).

I’ve noticed the freezing as well. I’m using Sapphire in Media Composer under Windows 10 1803…

Can we hear from BorisFx as to what’s new in 12.01?


When i install saphhire 19 i need to uninstall the 11 version first.
How does that affect projects? is everything deleted?

Projects that use Sapphire 11 should continue to work exactly the same with Sapphire 2019. We always work hard to make compatible when you upgrade, but if you do notice something that is different after installing 2019 let our support team know about it!

When you uninstall Sapphire any presets you’ve saved are not removed… but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking.