Whats the story with titlestudio

Hi. I have the continuum pi filter. I’m a bit confused that I also find Title studio, not as a filter but as a standalone. I cannot seem to find any info on this. Is it a part of the product like the “light edition” og mocha or is it just a trial? Someone please enlighten me :slight_smile:

Title Studio does come as a free Standalone (SAL) which does not integrate as a plugin with any NLE AFAIK. To get Title Studio as a plugin in your NLE, you need to purchase it either as a Premium Filter or as part of BCC (complete). If the SAL is being added to other purchases like PI, I suspect it might be there as an introduction and therefore an inducement to purchase it.

Title studio is definitely part of the full continuum package and usable as a plugin in several NLE’s including Resolve, VP as well as After Effects.

@sorens-service do you mean that you have a version of the PI plugin that’s only PI and you found the TS was included?