When and how should i use multiple layers in mocha?


I’m trying to rotoscope a rotating head. When the face is turned away from the camera at 90 degrees, I want to rotoscope nose, lips and other parts as separate areas.

So, at first I used Add X Spline tool to add a new track area but eventually it got too messed up with all those overlapping areas on a single layer. Then I decided to add a new layer for a separate face part but when i exported shape data (i made sure that all layers in mocha were selected), only the first layer masks were pasted successfully in After Effects 2017, whereas 2nd layer mask did not paste at all. So i wonder how could i export shapes from all the layers? Or maybe i should stick to 1 layer policy in this particular situation? Here is the head I want to rotoscope:


Hi there,

You are going to want to roto from the middle out to the sides. You also may want to break the roto into more overlapping shapes for things like the lips. This is fairly complex roto for the mouth in particular, so you can try three sets of shapes there, one set at the beginning, one at the end, and a middle set to tie them together. I would not use perspective, you’ll end up with roto shapes that are too oblong.

You can do everything as one shape per object, but it will take a lot more keyframes and be a lot more work. So unless you have to, I would not do that.
Try that and let me know if that works for you.