When applying track data to solid, layer goes off screen

All my tracks are good in mocha and they seem fine in AE too, but as soon as I apply the tracking data to a solid for a screen replacement, the layer goes off screen and doesn’t show up on my track from mocha.

Am I missing a step? I’ve gone back to looking at the tutorials and I don’t think I’m missing any steps though.

  1. track
  2. export tracking data to solid
  3. ???
  4. profit

It’s probably something simple - you might want to watch the video explainer at this link :


I figured it out, It was dynamic linking from premiere causing the issue.

Great! Glad you were able to figure that out Forrest. And thanks for letting us know - most appreciated.

I had a UHD clip that was downscaled in premiere, dynamic linked to after effects, After effects read it as a UHD clip, but all the compositions made were 1080p, and the main clip tracked fit perfectly in the 1080p comp at 100% scaling.

Dynamic link can definitely sometimes introduce some interesting footage interpretations. Glad you figured it out! Thank you for letting us know.