When my animation using AI is tracked it becomes blurred

So - I’m doing a screen replacement on a phone. The screen is being replaced by a comp in AE I made that animates using AI elements. Outside of the track, the resolution is fine. I have used the continuously rasterize for all my AI elements.


I tracked it in Mocha and it came out amazing. Great track. I used the work flow - create a solid the size of the main comp - pre comp it - add in the animation - fit it to that comp - export tracking data and add it to that pre-comp in the main comp.


Like I said, the track is perfect. I just cannot figure out why the animation is pixelated. It’s driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi there,

Can you let me know what version of mocha and AE you are using when this happens? You can try using the alternate After Effects Corner Pin export format (the one that says corner pin only). Let me know and I will see if we can’t get to the bottom of this issue!