When will it be possible to save a png sequence?

Hi, when will it be possible to save a png sequence?
Very nice tool but loses its usefulness if you need to save not for the after effects, but as pictures for animation


Thanks for posting.

One of the items on our PI development list is to open up the export options to include additional file formats, such as sequenced png files. I can’t offer any type of a timeline for you on that but please know that it’s something that we have on our list.

In the meantime, there are quite a few free video convertors that will enable you to convert the output from Particle Illusion into other formats, including sequenced png images. DaVinci Resolve is one such free cross-platform application but there are many others.


sorry, but as i understood in the result it won’t be a transparent images ?

Well the png file format supports alpha so that would indeed be included with the PI export, just as it is now when exporting to other file types.


I was asking for this to come back too. We used to have this feature. I’m wondering what the reason is Boris removed it when they acquired PI. Is it hard to re-add this?

The ProRes format supports alpha – you don’t need PNG for that. Look at the PI Render dialog presets for an easy way to select the correct options.

Are image sequences more useful for your workflow than ProRes movie files?


The free Shutter Encoder app will handle conversion to PNG from ProRes.