When would I not want Rotate, Shear, Perspective track?

I’m just trying to think of a situation where you would want to turn off the Scale, Rotate, Shear, and Perspective track? Is there any speed gains by turning one or more off?

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We have just re-uploaded the mocha binary with the manual.

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There are many occasions where you defiantly don’t need perspective.

basically once you analyze the footage if there is only a certain motion ie translation, then by activating the other motion parameters means the tracker will look for this movement as well. The problem is that this takes a lot longer to track and sometimes it may pick up on a rotation or shear when its not actually there, then it multiplies the mistake each frame.

The better you are at correctly spotting the motion the better your tracking result.

Tip: You only use perspective on very large objects all smaller tracks should stay on the default.

Hope this helps

Thank you! That helps a lot.