Where are the Particle Emitter 3d node presets in DVR?

I’m probably being dumb, but I want to apply the SmokeSlowGrey.bsp preset to the BCCParticleEmitter 3d node in DaVinci Resolve, but in the inspector, there doesn’t seem to be a button linking to the fx browser to select it.

I cant see any way to apply a preset to that effect.

Any ideas?

To be clear, are you talking about the older BCC Particle Emitter 3D filter or the newer BCC Particle Illusion?

Can you attach a screenshot of the effect’s UI inside Resolve?

Hi @jclement - its the particle emitter 3d filter used in your film (at 14:28): Animated Muzzle Flash Effect BCC & Adobe After Effects - YouTube

I think it probably doesnt exist any more, so I’m wondering what is the next best way to add muzzle smoke to a machine gun like that (in my project, the muzzle flash has been tracked and added in Da Vinci Resolve fusion)

The BCC Particle Emitter 3D filter does still exist and should be available, but it has been effectively replaced by the newer BCC Particle Illusion which offers much more control and a much larger library of pre-built emitters. Note though that BCC filters are only currently officially supported in the Edit and Color panes of Resolve, not in the Fusion pane. It could be that the problem you’re seeing is related to running in Fusion, so see if it behaves more normally for you in the Color pane.

@jclement I think that’s the problem. I had read somewhere that filters are not supported in fusion, but I saw them there, dropped one in, and it seemed to work fine, so I ploughed on. I did think the menu in fusion for the bcc strand filter was weird, and now I know why! And also whilst the two clips I’d made have rendered OK, I’ve been through a world of pain with Resolve hanging all the time, which I guess was also related to my stupid decision to press on in fusion. Anyway, thank you for putting me back on track. I’m rebuilding some of my other clips now, and fingers crossed I’ll be able to add the smoke now. Thanks again.

@jclement The problem I am now having is that

a) I cant get the resolve point tracker to track my (bright orange against dark background!) gun muzzle properly on the color page … it worked so much better in fusion, and where it failed it was easy to manually reposition the tracking.


b) In any event, I cant seem to find a way to associate the tracking data (such as it is) with the bcc Organic strands filter. My methodology is to create a track on the fx tab in the tracking section on resolve’s color page, on the same node as the bcc filter. Tracking works for a few seconds whilst motion is slow, but the bcc organic strands filter doesnt move with it.

and c) After applying the particle emitter 3d to the timeline on the edit page and opening the fx browser, the SmokeSlowGrey preset is not there either.

I’m not sure whether Mocha Pro is yet supported on the color page - reading earlier forum posts, it seems not.

At the moment, it seems mocha only works in the fusion page, but the bcc filters only work in the color / edit sections.

So the question is, how can I track the BCC organic strand and create a tracked 3d muzzle smoke effect in resolve. Or is that just not possible at this stage?

I think for now I am back to seeing whether I can make it all work in fusion, but without the smoke because I cant work out what settings I would need to create the same effect as in the video I linked to earlier.

@jclement Are you there?

I gave up trying to make the methodology in your film ( Animated Muzzle Flash Effect BCC & Adobe After Effects - YouTube) work for the smoke, and instead trying to use particle illusion to add smoke to my machine gun muzzle flash.

Can I just check one thing.

I am using the Muzzle Smoke Side preset in PI in Da Vinci Resolve.

I am adding it as an effect to a node on the colour page.

The preset is for one gunshot, and I am animating a machine gun.

My understanding is that there is no way to repeat an instance of a preset, other than to export it and repeat it in the timeline in DVR, or I think better to just add multiple instances in PI, starting each one at a different position and time frame. Time consuming, but I think it works. But I will end up having a lot of instances of the same preset, and I wonder whether that will prove too much for my computer.

Is there a quicker or better way to repeat a preset multiple times in a clip?

Add multiple instances (emitters) in a single instance of PI, offset in time like you said.

Since I suppose the flashes are happening quite quickly, I don’t see the need for individual smoke puffs – maybe you can find a “shoot smoke” type emitter that will work better and require only one instance? That’s what I would do – look for or tweak a single emitter that can give me the look I want.

Also I feel like the smoke from this type of gun would be very fast… much faster than in that emitter, and it would be less visible than in that emitter too.

@Alan_Lorence thank you so much, reassuring to know I was on the right lines with multiple instances - think I got an OK result with that (lowered opacity and a couple of other tweaks), but will try a shoot smoke emitter tomorrow and see which is best.
Thanks again.

@Alan_Lorence Here we go, the final version here: The Bug-A-Salt Review: The most fun you can have killing a fly - YouTube I ended up sticking with the multiple instances this time (couldnt make the shoot smoke work properly … need to read more of the manual). Thanks again.

That turned out quite well!

Definitely got me thinking about a “repeat” function that could make a single emitter do all of the work…

(Entertaining video too!)

Thanks Alan. Yes, I was very pleased with how it turned out, especially given my inexperience both as an editor and with your software. Yes, a repeat function would be a time-saver. I wonder if that might have an application beyond just sub machine gun smoke!