Where does Mocha Pro Ae Plugin Save Files?

I’m about to pull my hair out. Mocha Pro Plugin keeps crashing After Effects entirely for me. I’ve been working on the same scene for like 5 f’ing hours now and it keeps crashing.

The issue is that if I go into Mocha and do about 30-45 minutes of extensive rotoscoping for this one scene (it isn’t tracking for s**t so I’m doing it all frame by frame), then AE doesn’t Autosave. I occasionally save my Mocha work via the Mocha file menu. Then I go back into AE and then without fail Mocha crashes AE. Usually before the autosave or I manually save the AE file.

So I keep going in, redoing the work, and mocha keeps re-crashing AE which is just an infuriating thing in and of itself (I’ve noticed Mocha crashes AE a LOT now).

It would help if I could figure out where Mocha AE Plugin saves it’s info that way I can figure out a way to get that info back into the AE plugin without constantly redoing it.

So, the long winded and admittedly frustrated way of asking “is there a way to get the saved Mocha info back into an older autosave file for AE?”

Out of curiosity, are you using the CS6 version of AE with the plug-in version of Mocha Pro? If so, that’s the issue of crashing. Found that out last week or so when looking into upgrading.

Other than that, mocha should put it’s files in a new subfolder below where the source file lives if that’s what your looking for.

I’m in AE 2017 (last update before the most recent big update) and unfortunately I don’t see any Mocha files anywhere at all. Even by the source files (I’m guessing you mean the actual AE project).

I’m guessing that Mocha just embeds the save into the .AEP file? Which kind of bones you if you save in Mocha, but the AE file crashes before a save. Hopefully I’m wrong though!

Here’s the short answer you won’t like: At present the mocha plugin doesn’t save out a project file, but that will change soon for this very reason. We’ll be provided an external autosave for the project in a later update.

The best workaround you can do right now is either:
A) close mocha and save in the host at regular intervals (which it sounds like you’re doing)
B) export out the mocha project file from the file menu at regular intervals, which seems more like what you need.

However, regardless of needing a fix for this, we’re more concerned you’re crashing so often. Which version of the mocha Pro plugin are you currently running?

Hey Martin - thanks for the reply. Glad to see there will be an breakout of plugin based save files soon :).
And you’re right, the export option would have been optimal. Hindsight!

I’m currently using: Version 5.5.1 build 13127
Build Date Mar 8 2017

With After Effects

Unfortunately I’m not sure what’s causing the crash as I can’t replicate it with 100% accuracy. But, if you saw my other post around the same time as this one, if I find a track that doesn’t work. And try a few times (anywhere from like 4 to 10 or so)… it just eventually crashes.

Anyway deadline was met, my blood pressure is down and I still love Mocha. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it! Try reducing your Maximum Memory usage in the System tab of preferences for the time being. It defaults to 80%, but try a modest number like 60%

We’ll be investigating this further as clearly something is going wrong there! At the very least we’ll get you that save feature as soon as we’re able to.


I had this problem today. Worked on it for an hour and suddenly AE crashed. Now I cant get back all the work I did. But it’s not as bad as 5 hours worth of work.

Has Boris got a fix yet for this?

Try downloading the latest point release version, there should be an update to this problem in 5.6.

Hey all! I checked the Boris site but it shows 5.5.2 as the current version. Is 5.6 available anywhere currently?

This has happened to me on a recent project. Any time the roto gets a little involved, Mocha starts acting quirky and then crashes AE for a total loss. I have been going back to AE and using “Create Mocha Masks” in the plug-in as soon as I finish one mask, then do it again for the next.

Not ideal but better than a loss of work.

You can join the beta. Is that something you’d like to try?

I was actually part of the beta a version or two ago. Work got super busy and I haven’t been contributing much. I know they moved it from Google groups. I think I slipped out of the communication chain then. I would like to get back into it.

Hello Mary,
I’ve worked on a project today and got a lot of crashes. Fortunately I have the habit now to save regularly and even export my project in order to merge it from scratch in case of a corrupt comp in ae. I’ve finally worked around it by rendering my remove from mocha pro and importing the rendered clip into ae. I think I would be interested in joining the beta since I’m going to spend a lot of time on mocha the three next months.

I will add you!

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The recently released 5.6.0 update has Autosave which saves a backup of your file at intervals.

I have just experienced this in version 5.6. I do not really care what you call it but it’s not Pro software when it’s obvious that your interface does not work as expected. A SAVE button is a SAVE button - not a garbage button! If you have such a big error in the interface you should not have it in it! It’s so poorly made that I can hardly describe it. Waste of time…

Mocha Pro saves in the host file as a plugin, which means you have to save the host file or it won’t save the plugin. Autosave is for crashes and is meant to recover a file after the host crashes and is immediately reopened, the mocha file should reload from a temp folder in this instance. Autosave does not save incremental saves.

If you understand what it does, you can understand it is working as intended. If you have a different functionality you would like to have, please let us know.

Thanks for the quick reply. Okay, I’m just a little sour right now after I’ve lost a lot of hours of work. I’m not talking about auto save inside AE but about the button that says “save” inside Mocha Pro - I assumed that when using it, it makes a save somewhere. My suggestion is that it should do so, and if I have not done so I’ll get feedback on where I would like to save my project. That’s not the case now. I have previously had Mocha Pro as independent software and not as a plugin. As a plugin, it’s a problem that I have to shut it down to make a save inside AE… One more thing if I have saved a project and then from Mocha Pro plugin presses the save button it does not replace the project – so that button does not have any funktion at all right now the same thing happens if I press command S - noting is saved inside the plugin. Plz fix this. Tx

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Well for now the solution is to export project or press shift command s and replace the saved project. I love your tutorials Mary P (c; and I use Mocha more and more – I just got very frustrated I have a deadline coming up and it is late at night here in Denmark and then a crash came up.