Where does Mocha save?

Hi, I’ve been trying to open my mocha files from my last saves, but I don’t know where they are getting save. In older versions they were saved in the results folder. I’m having issues with update my masks so I’m trying to open my save or autosaved mocha projects. I only seem to be able to find my old mocha files when I go to open.
Has anyone had an issue with updating their masks in AE after going back into Mocha and making changes. I made a bunch of edits today after adding new masks in Mocha, then when I went back into AE my masks were still the old ones. I tried using the create masks option from the plug inn but still no luck. Then I tried deleting the masks in AE from the layer and creating the masks again, but it still generated my old masks, even though I’d been saving in Mocha all day. The updated masks were showing up in Mocha when I launched it. I tried quitting AE without saving then when I open the project again and tried to launch mocha the old masks showed up again. Since the new version does not save mocha files I have no idea haw to pull up all the file I’d been working on.

Hi there,

Are you using the plugin? If so, you need to save the plugin and the host file in order to save what Mocha is doing. Your autosave projects should be saved in the Mocha cache, which will be in a location you designated when you first opened Mocha and will be listed in your Mocha preferences.

If you’re having trouble with older files try deleting your Mocha cache in preferences and your AE cache as well and seeing if the problem persists.

Right now it just sounds like you’re not saving properly, but if you are saving the Mocha project and the AE project and the masks are still wrong, then we might be looking at a bug. I will ask @martinb if he’s seen something like this.

Let me know if cache clearing and making sure to save both the Mocha project and AE project fixes your issue.


Okay thanks Mary., I used the old method of going to the animation menu in AE and using Track In Boris FX Mocha

I then clicked on launch Mocha in the effects controls window. That’s also where I tried loading the masks. The older files are not the problem, I just didn’t know where the mocha files were saved since they use to be in the “results” folder. It looks like the library is one of those hidden folders. Thanks for this, I will look into fixing the directory so I can find my backups.

Okay I was able find the auto saved files by unhiding my library folder, but unfortunately they are only from this morning so no data found from yesterday.
I’ve just updated to AE v17.11 and loading the masks seems to work now from the effects controls window. Thank you for the suggestions.