Where is EXE file?

Hi, I’m using Logitech G600 and Razer Keyboard.
I want to use shortcut buttons and macros of these products.
To do that, I need to set the file path of Mocha Pro’s EXE file.
But I can’t find it out.
I also want to know the file path of Mocha pro for Hitfilm’s EXE file.

I made it.
I had been looking for the directory “C:\Program Files\BorisFX”.
That is the wrong directory.
I can find it inside “C:\Program Files\Imagineer Systems Ltd\mocha Pro V5\bin”.

For Mocha Pro for Hitfilm, just set HitFilmPro.exe.
The reason why it didn’t work correctly with G600 before, maybe it was some kind of bug.
After reboot program, it works correctly.

I am glad you are all set!

To access the shortcut of Hitfilm’s EXE file check it https://unfitpc.com/ it is shortcut of this is the path of Mocha pro for Hitfilm’s EXE file.