Where is the serial number for Free Trial?


I want to install the free trial but after I need a serial number. Where to find it ???


Hi! Thanks for downloading the trial version of FEC - you should have received an email from us with a serial number that you can use to unlock the installer. If it’s not in your in box then you might want to take a look in your spam folder in case it was rerouted by your mail server. If after that you still can’t find it then please let us know and we’ll help you with that. Cheers, Peter.


unfortunately no email in my box or spams


Ok - I’ll send one to you. Are you on the Windows or Mac platform?


Windows 7 64 bits
thanks !


Great, thanks for that.


I also downloaded this software in free trial but I didn’t receive emails too


I believe the auto-responder that is supposed to send these codes is not functioning as well as it should be. I’m discussing this with the group and hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly. Thank you for bring this to my attention.




but I receive the offers well :grin:


Yep, that’s expected. We’re currently working to resolve the issue with the serials.


I believe the issue should be fixed later today but instead of waiting for that, here are the trial codes for the products that you downloaded :
RED : REDTNB-400TZDP-23745
FX : BFXTNB-9027931-24816
FEC : FV3AV2-X1533E5-D1FX6


thank you very much Peter.:wink:


You are most welcome. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for alerting us to the problem.




is this Red version recognized by CC2018 ?
Because i don’t see Boris in Premiere effects


It’s OK. I found :grinning:


for information Graffiti number is not correct but it does not matter :wink:


Hmmm … well it matters to me and I appreciate your letting me know about it. Is it possible that there may have been a typo when you were entering the number? Would you mind please giving it another try and using copy/paste to rule out the possibility of any typo when manually entering the number? Here it is again : GRFTNB-500CDPT-13752


Sent to the wrong person …I have a legit serial :+1: