Whether Continuum 2022 Looks.dmg works with Vegas Pro

Dear Friends, Good Evening.
(1) I have Boris FX Continuum OFX (Vegas Pro) license 2022.
(2) I received an email from Boris FX giving me a free download of Continuum 2022 Looks ( .dmg format file).
When I read the install instruction, I understood that it is meant for Continuum Final Cut Pro customers.

My doubt is,
(a)When Boris FX knows that I had only on license of Continuum OFX for only Vegas Pro, why that mail was sent to me,
(b) Does it work with Continuum 2022 OFX (Vegas Pro)?
Kindly clarify friends.


And thank you for reaching out to us here on the forum!

Yes, as you discovered, the free version of BCC+ Looks is exclusively for Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion users. The paid version of this filter is available as a part of the Continuum set for Vegas and can be purchased as part of the BCC Film Style Unit (includes almost 20 filters and hundreds of presets) and also as a part of the full Continuum package.

I believe all registered users would have received the email that you received - it was not segmented as it’s possible that a user of Vegas might also have a Mac system on which they are using FCP/Motion.

I hope this helps in providing some clarity on that.


Hi, so just to clarify, It sounds like the OP & I both already have the full OFX Continuum package,
does that mean we already have all the filters that are in the free & the paid version of Film Style unit?

Yep, the freebie filter was a promo for Apple FCP and Motion to coincide with a major release of Continuum FCP. It’s already included in the retail version for all supported hosts.


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I also received it, at first I thought it was some free presets, something like LUT or Magic Bullet Looks presets. :thinking: Now I understand.

Thanks, I’m not missing out on anything then :grin::man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::man_cartwheeling::+1: