Which BCC Particle Illusion attribute creates fireworks FLICKER

in PI, I’m using the emitter “Fireworks Glitter ocntinuous 03b”, and both the Fairy 01 stars1 and rings flicker really fast after being on for just a tiny bit. Anyone know which attributes I can tweak to remove or slow that flickering?

Hi, just had a play with that, just increasing the life & reducing the size works for this one ,

When emitters flash i’ve found it’s either the life of the particle, ie. it’s being born & dying quite fast, so increasing it’s life slows that flicker effect, size might also have to be reduced because the screen will fill with more longer lasting particles,
or/& it’s the Colors & Alpha that have black in the gradient, as the particle lives or is born the option ‘Next key color’ etc will cycle through the colors & when it gets to black you’ll see no particle & therefore it’ll look like it flickers, - drag the black off the gradient, or change it to white & move the coloured ones to fill the gradient,

This Default

change to this

Default for Alpha

change to full white

Then play with Life, size & velocity …

you might want to go to the bottom Size, Velocity - Over Life & change those settings or set them at Constant as they add variation to the timeline that can confuse what you’re doing in the settings above.