Which graphics card for Boris BCC and Mocha Pro


Hi all,
I’m probably going to buy an as good as new refurbished HP workstation but don’t which graphics card I should choose.

They offer me the following cards.
Nvidia K6000 12GB GDDR5 (as good as new)
Nvidia P5000 16GB GDDR5 (brand-new)
Nvidia Tesla K40 12GB (as good as new)

What would be the best choice for Boris Continuum Complete and Mocha Pro? I am editing on Avid, but this is not taking any advantage of such cards I believe. Would I have profit when I add two K6000 cards plus the K40 accelerator? Or is a second card with the accelerator a waste of money and only meant for 3D applications?

Thanks very much in advanced for all your answers!
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Continuum and Mocha Pro do not take advantage of multiple GPUs at this time so a single GPU should suffice as far as our software is concerned. The performance benchmarks for the P5000 look higher than the K6000 but haven’t tested them personally. The K40 seems to have more limited display support. Worth looking into which GPUs are recommended/supported for your version of Avid.


Hi Jason,
After some searching, I found out on the Nvidia website that the newer P5000 is the best choice for Avid.
Thank you very much for your valuable help and time! :ok_hand:t2: