Which Software is best?

I have a tracking shot of a kitchen and I would like to replace the washing machine with a 3d model.

My idea is to track the washing machine see link: Image: http://ramblingspoon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/Kitchen%20Panorama%20D1.jpg

Then I need to change the tracked area into a tranparent layer and then add the tracked 3D model in After Effects.

Any help guys?

Not sure what you mean by transparent layer… It seems to me, that if you have a good 3D track of the washing machine, you would then comp it on top and then matte the refrigerator and anything else overlapping on top to finish the comp. This could be done with mochaAEv2 and mocha shape by tracking the fridge and sending the shape data to mocha shape.

Beyond this, maybe you are talking about removing the washer altogether? This would be achieved by creating a clean plate and tracking it back on top.

Imagineer’s sfw is 2D not 3D. If you want to use mocha, you would need to deal with replacing each plane (front of washer, top of washer) with 2D, corner pinned surfaces. Depending on the movement, it is quite possible.

If you need to do it in 3D, you will need to use 3D tracking software.

Best of luck,

I have washing machine already tracked in Boujou. It already matches the movement of the kitchen avi. Forget about the 3D tracking. Its covered

All I want is to track the washing machine in 2D avi and replace it with a transparent layer.

Then I will to the comp in AE.