Which way to pick?

Hello there!
Im willing to put a sticker on the white parked car, on its side.
But i cant figure out how to even start, cause there are two objects which cross it during the clip

So, it seems that my only option is to track the spot and when the objects cross it, move to manually tracking by manually moving the transform box following a landmark i decided on before.
Is that right ?

aCause ei cant see aany similar surface in which i can take from it the tracking and apply to it.

As this is a camera pan, you can actually get away with tracking the top building floors to get an accurate track here, as there is no parallax in the camera motion.
The only difficult bit here will be rotoscoping out the foreground objects so they mask your insert well.

The top building above the car? or the building on the right?

It doesn’t matter. Since this is a camera pan, the whole scene is up for grabs to track as there is no parallax planar motion. You can then link a new layer to focus on the area you want.