White Screen of Death - Someone Please Help!

I have Mocha which came with my CS5.5 suite. I decided i wanted to try some motion tracking for the first time and have now pulled all my hair out.

Every time i try to import a clip it goes to a white screen. I’ve tried every type of file i can think of. I’ve tried to download codec packages. I’ve poured over forums. I’m obviously doing something very stupid here. It shouldn’t be this hard to import a usable file into Mocha.

Can someone please tell me the proper file type and codec to use and how to import it to Mocha properly.

Windows 7
Adobe Cs 5.5
Mocha - Version 2.3.0 build 3508

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Ok i ll check on that. I Just updated my graphics driver but not sure about quicktime. Although it is a new install.

I did stumble across this video which has helped me.

Hey Mary
Thanks for the replies.
I was able to export the file type i needed from AE. For some reason i couldnt find the right codec to use in PremierePro. ever time i exported my file it wouldnt work in Mocha.

After watching the video i posted earlier i was able to see what type of file to use.

am i wrong about this or does Premier not have a codec that can be used in Mocha?

Hi there,

Please make sure that your quicktime is up to date and make sure your video card drivers are up to date (you may need to manually install an update from your video card manufacturer’s website). And let me know if that fixes it.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Yeah, Todd’s pretty great. What’s the codec on the QuickTime you’re using, btw? Because while adobe reads many custom codecs in AE CC without them being installed, mocha does not.

Premier has several codecs that work in mocha, you can try uncompressed .mov files or h.264, those should work.