Whiteout - all is white, no pictures seen

I installed Mocha a couple of days ago, and all worked fine. When I fire it up today, the viewport is all white, I see no video images at all. Mocha can load my video, fine. It detects the correct amount of frames in the video, no prob. And it works its way through all frames, caching the video.

However - I see no video? I have tried all kinds of settings etc, still the panel where my video used to be is white as snow. I have tried with a variety of videos - all is white. Is there a method “reset all to default” or anything I can try? Or does anybody know what setting I might have tweaked to get this “whiteout”?


I am on Windows (Vista 64) and I found out myself that Mocha does not support the Lagarith codec for AVI. I purchased Mocha for AE v2 and the shape plug-in, only to find out the video still was absolutely white.
I want Mocha to tell me that the codec is not supported, it’s a bad habit to show me a white screen, with not error message :mad:
Nevertheless, I do not regret upgrading, and I look forward to playing with my new toys :slight_smile:


What platform are you on? If you just upgraded to Snow Leopard on Mac, this is a known problem which will be fixed next week.

If not, what codec are the files you’re using?