Why are all my images desaturated?

First time Boris user here. why are all the image outputs desaturated???
Please answer in layman’s english, please.
when i edit JPEG files from both luminar Neo and capture one pro 22. the image output becomes flat and the images are not saturated as on the preview screen.

also, the PNG and JPEG outputs from Boris cannot be run by Luminar neo.

Welcome @patgalupe888 While I can’t comment on what Capture One or Luminar are doing, I can take a look at what is happening in Optics and compare the result in Photoshop. Can you please do the following:

  • Send me your original image that you are working with in Optics
  • In Optics after you have applied the filters you want to use, select File > Save Setup. Send me the saved setup file as well.


hello. i am using the trial version and the standalone version as well. by the way, i have autism. so, please excuse my sometimes emotion laden language. i tend to over react when i get flustered.

DSC04648 optics file.zip (1.3 MB)

i reinstalled a fresh app of Optics and i still get the same results.

DSC04775 1 optics.zip (656.6 KB)

i used the monitor’s icc profile in the first one. even turned off, the result is still the same.
i did not use the icc profile that the app was suggesting after a fresh install and still panned out to be discolored.
am really interested in purchasing the app since i’m a cosplay portrait photographer and i really need this app as a bread and butter app for my efx work.
also used an *.ARW file and it was still discolored.
the camera i am using is the Sony a7r. the first one back in 2013.
i am unable to upload the RAW files since these are 36Mb and the limit for uploading is 29.4 only. the camera is set to capture images in SRGB.

@patgalupe888 I used your image and Optics set-up file and rendered out a jpg file. I then compared the result in Optics and Photoshop. In the image below, Optics is on the left and Photoshop is on the right. I see an exact match.

In examining your settings, the Color Correct layer has the saturation set to -39 which will desaturate the image by 39%.

Thank you for the prompt response. i will double check this first image, however i am very certain that the output is going to be desaturated again even if i try and resaturate it. since i tried everything i could possibly think of even on the second image.

even if saturation is at 0.00. the image remains desaturated and lacking contrast for some unknown reason.

I’ve tried to compare the direct output from capture one pro (edited JPEG) and boris optics fx (importing the capture one pro edited image file and just saving the file in JPEG with no edits with the same icc profile embedded on the image) and there is less color vibrancy and saturation on the output from the boris optics fx files even saved as PNG. there is also something wrong with the main preview image on the app as it applies some form of saturation and contrast not seen from the original image.

I saved the image with no filters applied from Optics and loaded both the original and saved version side by side in Photoshop. I see no difference.

I have also attached my saved version.

I am not sure what Capture One is doing, but our benchmark is Photoshop. Perhaps contact Phase One can provide some insight on their color management.

there is something wrong with the preview and the output in your standalone trial version. the images are a bit saturated on the preview with no layers or filters on the file and desaturates the outputs after. tried it even on Sony *.ARW files too and the same also does happen.
I don’t think it’s capture one since i also use the outputs from Capture One pro 22 to PTGUI, Topaz Studio 2, Topaz Sharpen AI, Luminar Neo, Portraitpro studio 23, and even PhotoVibrance or social media apps and Flickr. Yet i never saw a single image from Capture One pro 22 with the issue. I do hope this issue is resolved in a future update.

I also have a Canon Rebel T6 and used the RAW file from the camera and generated a jpeg with no layers or filters

and got the exact same image. However, the preview still shows a more saturated and contrast laden image. I have attached the gdrive link to both original RAW files.


also attaching here a generated output with a single filmlab filter

IMG_1390 filter for canon file.zip (1.0 KB)
IMG_1390 filter for canon file.zip (1.0 KB)

and again, the slightly saturated and contrast laden preview image when compared to the output from Boris Optics FX.

here it is again, side by side. the preview is generated from a RAW file out of a canon rebel t6.

Boris Optics FX standalone trial version must be doing some color correction adjustment in it’s preview image as evidenced here. i even compared the image output with Sony *.ARW file and i still get an image with better color fidelity on the preview against the original image output viewed using Microsoft Windows 11 Photo viewer via a side-by-side comparison. i don’t wish to compare how both Boris Optics FX and Capture One Pro 22 views the images, because that’s just a red herring. I do hope you have seen my concern. I am 100% certainly going to purchase the standalone app as soon as this simple bug is fixed. Thank you.

RAW file generated preview on Boris Optics FX from a Sony RAW file.
The preview is different than the output in PNG file processed by Boris Optics FX.

I don’t know if this can help, but this is the ICC profile i use generated by Color Munki|Display Calibration tool
BenQ EW3270U_Native_202304091649.zip (7.8 KB)

On our machines, we don’t have the issue you are experiencing. The original file and saved files are matching exactly across Photoshop, Lightroom, Optics and the OS’s preview apps. I am not sure if it matters for your ICC profile, but Optics works in sRGB.