Why do I need to upgrade to make Boris work as advertised?

My BCC 10.0.06 has worked fine with Avid 8.6 since I purchased it three years ago.

Recently it has started kicking me off and won’t let me verify a valid serial number without calling Tech Support.

Tech Support now implies that they won’t communicate with me unless I spend a fee every time they reset it or unless I upgrade.

Thank you for contacting Boris FX.

Thank you for your inquiry. I apologize for any inconvenience.

__For continued support and the latest features, I would recommend upgrading to Continuum 2019. __

We would be happy to email you an upgrade quote at your request.

Is this some kind of money grab on their part?


Apparently the folks at BorisFX are working on it for me. Hoping to hear from them with a solution soon.


This issue was solved by Boris FX with a custom license file that is stored in the Library folder on my hard drive. Thanks.